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SLV Regional COVID-19 Dial

Click an individual county for the Dial Status and other information specific to that county.

Data Trends

Cumulative Data

This information is provided internally to local Public Health staff by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), and is current as of 4 pm the previous day. State data may run a couple of days behind the locally reported active cases above. For more data, including county-by-county stats, see

Our meter shows the daily regional numbers. If you see the local meter change, watch our updates to see how Public Health is working to improve our status.
Please see below for details about our official state status as determined by Colorado?s COVID-19 Dial framework.

View the full details in the COVID-19 Dial Amended Public Health Order

Official State Covid19 Status

The jurisdiction must remain in compliance with the metrics established by the state to officially move into a less restrictive phase. The San Luis Valley region may appear a different color in the Colorado County Covid19 dashboard as shown below. Notice, the State of Colorado does not release a regional status at this time, though the SLV region is applying for Protect Our Neighbor status jointly.